Schools, Colleges and Universities are student-centered institutions. These institutions shape the nation's young ones physically and spiritually.

Shapers are to be selected very carefully. They have to have the required competence, dedication and patriolism.
Examination and Evaluation

Nursery & Prep :

No Formal assessment.

The children are assessed on the basis of day to day observation, through general discussion and worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child's conceptual understanding.

Classes I, II ,III :

The evaluation is done comprehensively and continuously throughout the year. Four sets of Assessments are conducted in the month of July, Sepyember , December and January .

The grading system is an overall assessment of a child's performance in class which includes the written as well as oral skills.

Evaluation is done on the following grades –
A* - Excellent
A – Very Good
B – Good
C- Average

Classes IV – X :

The objective of assessment is to monitor a child’s level of development without comparing it with others. Through continuous evaluation, a comprehensive profile of his / her performance is assimilated and conveyed to the parents at least twice a year.

The assessment is recorded in the form of ‘Grade’ instead of ‘percentage’ to eliminate the negative factor inherent in ranking system.

The academic session shall be divided into 2 terms - I Term and II Term

- Each Term will have 2 Formative Assessments ( FA) and 1 Summative Assessment(SA).
- Formative Assessment comprises of Cycle Test and Activity based on projects, quizzes, role playing , group discussions, debate etc.
- The total weightage assigned to four formatives (FA1, FA2, FA3,FA4) is 40%
- The Summative Assessments are held in September and February/March.
- The total weightage assigned to two Summatives ( SA1 and SA2) is 60%

- Evaluation will be done on a 9 point scale as given below:

Marks Range Grades
91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
31-40 D
21-30 E1
00-20 E2
Classes XI & XII :
Class XI :

Each academic session has -
- Three rounds of Cycle Tests which are conducted through the year.
- Two Terminal Examinations.- I Term Examination will be conducted in Septemebr and Final Examination will be conducted in February/ March

Class XII :
Each academic session has –
- Two rounds of Cycle Tests.
- Two Terminal Examination conducted in the month of September and December
- One Pre-Board Examination conducted in the month of January
- AISSCE External Examination conducted by CBSE in March.
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